For whom is a private label of interest?

A product range in its own house brand is for many manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, retail chains, hardware stores and similar businesses a very welcome addition to their current portfolio.

Your marketing strategy

With your own private label, your house brand can be explicitly distinguished or profiled in your target market. It also serves to broaden or deepen your sales strategy, to make your programme more customer-oriented and to generate brand loyalty. For example, an own product line in ‘automotive maintenance’ can easily create additional value for a car brand. Private labels offer your company or brand the opportunity to strengthen and further professionalise your business. In a manner that is consistent with your identity and marketing strategy. According to your insights, your corporate identity, and geared towards your target market and customer demand.

Your margin and pricing in your own hands

Obviously a private label is also a direct or additional source of income. As you lower your purchases, then this in itself determines your selling price, thus you can determine your margin. In relation to comparable products or brands, a private label can therefore directly generate an increase in profits.

Your external buffer in capacity

For manufacturers with insufficient production capacity, Helichem is the solution to include their desired range of products within their programme. Equally it is the ideal solution for bulk producers who wish to enter a niche market without disrupting their own production process.

The choice is yours

With Helichem you can customise your product range and choose items you wish to include. Even if the product you desire does not yet exist. We will develop that product at our own expense for you. You may decide upon the size or type of packaging that will shape your product. In units of 10 millilitres up to 1,000 kilogrammes, in series of a few units right up to 100,000 or more. You can determine the shape, colour and graphic design of your label. And even the shape of the bottle cap and the fragrance of the emulsion. Naturally we will gladly assist you and offer our advice during the entire process.

All gain, no pain

We closely monitor new developments and regulations; therefore our knowledge is always up-to-date. We guarantee that all your products are delivered in accordance with the applicable local or European legislation. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the technical content of the legally required labels and product information sheets. We do it all for you. For example, we support composing your labels and print them for you. Error free, and in the languages that you require. You may judge us by this. If you wish we can even assist you in regard to the graphic design of your product line and provide logistic services. And in consultation with you we will deliver your order just-in-time to your chosen destination. As you see, we take all the difficult work right out of your hands. The only thing that you must do, is bring your product to the market.