All cleaners and coatings that you are looking for, and more

For over 80 years, and very successfully, we at Helichem have developed an extensive range of modern cleaning and maintenance products and epoxy coatings. As our customer you can choose from nearly 500 products in various varieties, for putting together your own selection of products that you can market under your house brand as your own private label.

New product? New idea? We will develop it for you

Also if you wish to launch an adjusted or new product for a special application, you are at the right address. We have the facilities and the knowledge to develop this for you and more importantly, at no cost to you! Brand new, matte instead of gloss, more or less foam, a new fragrance, different technological characteristics, just tell us! Our chemical experts and laboratory technicians welcome any challenge.

All complex knowledge and products under one roof

With our state-of-the-art expertise and 80 years of experience under our belt in the chemical/technological field, we are always up to date. And we go further. Especially in the complex area of legislation regarding environmental requirements, labelling and product information, Helichem leads the way. Where we can, we anticipate on future legislation. And very often we modernise our products even before legislation requires us to do so.

Leave everything in our capable hands

This unique combination in fields of expertise makes us an interesting prospect for you as a customer. After all, you can blindly trust us to provide a total product which conforms to all legal requirements. We take care of your labels and information sheets in the language(s) of your choice, so that your house brand articles can go straight onto the shelves. You don’t need to acquire all this complex expertise. A reassuring thought, which saves you and all our customers many concerns and much work.

Large diversity in customers

This is the reason why we have many renowned organisations within our group of loyal customers. A number of these businesses and brands value their anonymity, as they wish to keep the secret behind their sales successes. And we respect this.

However what we can tell you is that we have well known retail chains and prestigious brand manufacturers among our European clients. In a diverse range of market sectors. From institutional users to consumer-focused producers, from catering to industry. In the Netherlands and in many parts of Europe. When you stroll through an average Dutch shopping street, the chances are high that you will see Helichem products at many retail chains.

Expertise guarantees constant quality

Helichem offers you the possibility to enter your market(s) with a complete line of high quality products. Reliability in delivery and constant quality are fitting terms for Helichem. With three quarters of a century of experience under our belt, we can promise you this. Moreover, our entire process is carefully safeguarded through our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. Safety for both people and the environment is of paramount importance in all our supplies.

Team spirit

Helichem is fortunate to be able to fall back on a close team of proficient and motivated employees. Each staff member, from the youngest assistant to those in management, works closely together in order to achieve 100% satisfaction for each customer.

Hands-on approach

Helichem is an ultra modern development and production company where you will still find that good old diligent hands-on approach towards work. Hence, our passionate team of laboratory technicians, chemical experts and process monitoring staff work hard every day to develop new products and to optimise existing products. With their work ethics, they are fully dedicated to be the best in their business. They challenge themselves to provide their customers with exactly what they requested. Together they form the working capital that has ensured that Helichem has now maintained its competitive edge for already 80 years.


Helichem has an almost negligible customer turnover. New customers mostly tend to become loyal customers. A recent customer satisfaction survey revealed that this can be attributed to the consistent, high quality that we deliver and the trust that we have established with our customers – as at Helichem, we keep to our word.

This is how it was, how it is and how it will always be.