The diversity in contamination combined with the sensitivity of our skin requires us to provide an extensive range of hand cleaning products.

For this purpose, Helichem has developed the Dipro product range which is typified by a specific target group division. These products can be supplied in various packaging options. Furthermore, we will gladly assist you in making the optimum choice based on your requirements.


Hand Cleaning

  • Dipro 100 / solvent-based heavy duty hand cleanser
  • Dipro 828 / solvent-based moderate duty hand cleanser
  • Dipro 830 / solvent-free heavy duty hand cleanser
  • Dipro 858 / solvent-free moderate duty hand cleanser
  • Dipro 859 / solvent-based extra heavy duty hand cleanser
  • Dipro 860 / solvent-free light duty hand cleanser
  • Dipro 870 / solvent-free moderate duty hand cleanser
  • Sanitary hand soap