Helichem, always the right solution!

Helichem offers an extensive range of cleaners and coatings in many varieties and for a multitude of applications.

If you cannot find the product that you have in mind please let us know, because here at Helichem we always have the right solution! Even if your desired product does not yet exist…! Exceptions are standard for us and we will develop a product on your behalf and without any extra costs!

At Helichem you decide upon the size or type packaging that will shape your final product. Depending on the product, we manufacture in units of 10 millilitres up to 1,000 kilogrammes. And in series of just a few units right up to 100,000 or more.

You may determine the colour, shape and the graphic design of your label. Even the shape of the bottle cap and the colour or fragrance of the product can be chosen by you. Naturally, we will gladly assist you with our advice throughout the entire process.